VariBlend’s dual dispensing system presents a multitude of opportunities for color cosmetic dispensing, formulation and product innovation.  Now the subtle differences between lighter and darker foundation shades can be incorporated in one packaging design. And it doesn’t stop there. Whether it be changing eye and lip colors, adding shimmer and luminosity, or incorporating fixatives and treatment benefits, VariBlend’s dispensers can accommodate many cosmetic product applications.

Consumer demands for product personalization and freshness are met with VariBlend’s dual dispenser that offers multiple formula combinations. The custom blending capabilities of our package yield limitless benefits such as:

Color Cosmetic Dispensing

  • Sheer to Opaque Formulas
  • Light to Dark Foundation Shades
  • Lip & Eye Color Changes
  • Multiple Fruit Flavors
  • Lip Color/Fixative
  • Treatment Benefits

Case Study:  Revlon’s Custom Color Creations Foundation

Revlon introduced a custom blending foundation in the VariBlend 40mm dispenser with 2 x 20ml PET bottles.   6 different shade combinations were offered from very light to medium to dark, giving the user the ability to select the perfect shade to match her skintone.  The difficult task of finding the right foundation shade for different situations (inside/outside, day/night, work/weekend, summer/winter) was made easier with this adjustable package.

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