There are many potential applications for VariBlend’s technology for food products. Our dual dispensing system provides the opportunity to combine a myriad of food ingredients. The food industry will be enhanced by a package that helps blend different flavors and tastes according to individual preference.  The pluses for VariBlend dual dispensers for food products are many.  First of all, the custom mixing packaging is made of all food grade materials.  Secondly, combining two products into one package creates several advantages over conventional food products.   Last, but not least, one dual dispenser takes up less space on the table and in the cupboard, is not messy or drippy,  is more convenient to use and is completely portable.


  • Mild to Spicy
  • Color or Flavor Change
  • Sweet to Sour
  • Oil & Vinegar
  • Blending different fruit flavors
  • Syrups:  chocolate + coffee = mocha

Case Study: Mixo Adjustable Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar

Mixo Adjustable Olive Oil and Vinegar is marketed in Italy and across Europe.  It  is the perfect answer for personalizing your salad dressing and cooking style. The VariBlend 49mm dispenser with a spout along with 2 x 150ml PETG bottles provided the ideal package for seasoning your favorite foods.  This product also offered refills for either olive oil or vinegar.  If one side was used up faster than the other, a replacement bottle could be purchased and inserted.

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