Lip Care

Variblend’s revolutionary 20mm MiniMix dual dispensing system offers a multitude of lip, eye and concealer applications. The capability of changing eye and lip colors by adding shimmer and luminosity or incorporating fixatives and/or treatment benefits allows Variblend’s dispenser to deliver an endless array of innovative products.

Lip Care Applications

Low to High
Light to Dark
Treatment Benefits

Case Study:  Dr. Brandt

Dr. Brandt utilizes the MiniMix to deliver a novel A/B regimen product in its ’s 3-D Lip PLUMPFix:

Side A (AM) visibly primes, plumps and hydrates lips and allows lip products to wear longer.

Side B (PM), improves definition, smooths lip lines, nourishes to maintain fabulous fuller looking lips.

MiniMix Video

Case Study: Dreamweave LipVoltage

The global launch of Dreamweave’s LipVoltage demonstrates the 20mm MiniMix custom blending dispenser to power an innovative low-to-high strength lip plumping product.



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