OTC & Rx

VariBlend has many applications and benefits for OTC & Rx products. The blending capabilities eliminate consumer inconvenience and waste by providing package mixing and blending.  VariBlend’s dual dispenser packaging for OTC products can meet the demand for pump accuracy and consistent doseage  which is critical  for these two categories.  The intricacies of a number of products can be accommodated with this innovative design.

  • Mild to Strong Ingredients (Benzyl Peroxide)
  • Gentle to Maximum Pain Relief
  • Color Coded Cold Medicine
  • Hot to Cold
  • Menthol/Capsaicin

Case Study:  Acne Recovery Adjustable Acne Treatment

Acne Recovery developed two adjustable acne products in the VariBlend 40mm dispenser with 2 x 15ml HDPE bottles.  The Repair Lotion for Daytime features an adjustable salicylic acid and retinol formula to be applied each morning.  The Treatment Lotion for Nighttime features benzoil peroxide.  The adjustable dispenser is key with anti-acne products because it allows the user to find the balance between maximizing effective treatment and minimizing side effects.



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