Skin Care

VariBlend’s innovative skin care packaging design presents multiple opportunities for skin care products. This dispenser not only offers ingredient segregation which helps maintain volatile or catalytic formulas, but there is also a choice of different mixing ratios that can be  selected.  The dual dispenser is ideal for multipurpose formulations that will improve skin conditions and maintain healthy skin. It is designed to address the many complexities of skin care applications.

The cutting edge technology provides the opportunity to package a number of multipurpose products:

Skin Care Packaging

Anti-Aging for Day and Night
Mild to Maximum Acne Care
Skin Lightening and SPF
Tinted Moisturizer
Cooling to Warming Treatment
Fresh/Catalytic Active

Bath & Body

Fragrance Free to Scented Lotion
Lotion to Shimmering Gel
Tinted Body Lotion with SPF

Case Study:  BBW’s Select a Shimmer Body Lotion

Bath & Body Works launched a unique body lotion in our patented 49mm dual dispensing package with 2 x 100ml PETG bottles.  The user can select from a moisturizing body lotion with Shea Butter to a shimmering body gel, adding just the right amount of shimmer for each occassion.   In addition to being able to go from “fresh to flirty”, there are eight different signature scents from which to choose.

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