Sun Care & Tanning

Reputable sun care brands choose VariBlend for the versatility it provides for sun care applications and formulations. Our dual dispensing systems make custom blending possible for self tanners, variable SPF and apres sun products.   With the VariBlend dual dispenser the user can dial from a light to darker self tanner depending on individual preference, season or occasion. For variable sun protection, the user can select from a range of SPF’s all in one package.

Sun Care Applications

  • Adjustable SPF 4 to 30+
  • Tinted Bronzer & Moisturizer with SPF
  • Cooling Gel & Sunburn Relief
  • Self Tanner Light to Dark
  • Self Tanner Activator & Enhancer

Case Study:  Sephora SPF 15-30-50 Adjustable Sunscreen  

Sephora, France developed the adjustable SPF 15 to 50 for face and body so the user could “Learn to Travel Light”.  The VariBlend 49mm dispenser with   2 x 50ml PETG bottles provided the perfect package to allow for a selection of sun protection factors depending upon the season, degree of tan desired or area of the body requiring protection.  With a turn of the dial, an SPF 15 to 30 to 50, or any stop in between could be selected.  Our unique dual dispenser eliminated the need to purchase and carry numerous SPF products for the beach, for vacation, or for every day use.

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